5 Best USB Air Humidifier with Aroma Diffuser

Are you worried about the stinking smell inside that welcomes you every morning and evening either at your home, office or car?

Then, your ideal solution is to get hold of a portable mini sized aroma diffuser with a humidifier that can effectively function for you to provide a comforting feel.

Available in the form of a USB humidifier with fragrance diffuser, these are stylishly designed in a mini shape and are now available online in various different colors.

Humidifier with aroma diffuser offers you with wide range of benefits.

Some of these include:

1- Portable: The key feature of the best USB diffuser is it’s light weight and portable nature.

It holds the capability to easily fit into your coat or a travel bag making it easy to carry anywhere you want.

2- Soothing and comforting: Once the USB is plugged in, the humidifier with aroma diffuser will help to create a relaxing and soothing ambience both at home or your office.

You can use the tank to fill water along with therapeutic essential oils to get a most needed humidity along with nice aroma.

3- Safe and environment friendly: These device are manufactured using high quality material matching the best standards of quality.

Hence, these diffusers are environment friendly and it provides you the best benefits in a much safer way.

4- Easy cleaning and maintenance: These diffusers and humidifiers needs to be kept clean for efficient working and long lasting benefits.

As these compact devices offer easy maintenance and cleaning process, you can ensure that the product is always kept clean and moisture-free when not in use.

5- Relief from allergies and skin problems: These humidifier with built in diffusers lets out moisture to the indoor air thereby providing you with a relief from almost any kind of allergies.

Using these in dry weather conditions like in winters, you can get an instant relief from cold, cough, flu, chapped lips or dry skin.

These humidifier with essential oil diffuser also functions effectively to provide you better skin care in case you are suffering from conditions such as acne.

5 Best Portable Mini Humidifier with Oil Diffuser

Humidifier with essential oil diffuser devices are great to have for anyone for their work and personal use.

When it comes to buying, most of the people are very choosy about aroma diffusers. For them a deep research is always essential to get the best in design, features and price.

If you looking for a great piece to get a soothing relief, below we list down the 5 Best Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier with USB devices that are ideal for home, office or travel purpose.

Check them out and buy one as per your desire…

1- InnoGear Diffuser

InnoGear is a well-known brand that manufactures great unique products to make the life of people better and comfortable.

Their products are proved superior to others and for this reason people love using their high quality products in their daily life.

InnoGear USB enabled diffuser model is one among the best and can make your life very comfortable and stress free.

You just need to plug in your InnoGear usb diffuser into a nearby USB port to start using it instantly.

This InnoGear Diffuser not only heals you with a great aroma therapy but it soothes your dry eyes, skin and throat with its humidifying technology, which is a must have for professionals working long hours on their computer.

Some of the best features/advantages of using this device are:

  • The device is BPA free and is extremely helpful in all seasons
  • Seven colour LED light setting that can be used as per your mood
  • Can also be used in an air -conditioned room where the air is particularly dry
  • Auto shut off feature to device shut down the device when liquid gets drained out

Overall the essential oils you use in this diffuser can help you in easing with allergies, sleep, cold and flu symptoms. This is therefore a must needed device for you if you are prone to getting allergies very soon.

2- NOW USB Diffuser

NOW Ultrasonic USB Diffuser is another quality gadget that makes use of high frequency ultrasonic vibrations to create a refreshing ultra-fine mist in the air so that you can feel refreshed during the work all the time.

You can even enjoy the aromatic humidified mist even while watching movies or while listening to the music on your Mac, laptop or tablet.

To enjoy the aroma benefits, you just need to add water with 2-3 drops of essential oil of your choice.

Although the diffusion process of this NOW oil diffuser  doesn’t make use of heat, it does maintain necessary oil veracity and holistic properties in every use.

Some of the greatest benefits that come with this device include:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Best for small rooms and other closed area
  • Works for about 4 hours and shuts off automatically
  • Has rotating LED lights and is extremely quiet in function

Using therapeutic grade essential oils with NOW ultrasonic usb diffuser is completely safe and beneficial.

These devices are therefore a great complement for anyone who loves living a natural lifestyle.

3- ZAQ Aroma Oil Diffuser USB

ZAQ believes that our home is a sacred place that should nurture positivity and relaxation. And for this reason they have created a collection of the finest energy efficient diffusers which are now available in the market at a most affordable cost.

The products made by them can essentially transform any environment into a sanctuary of tranquillity.

ZAQ Mini Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a compact round shape diffuser which is perfect for small spaces or work places.

You can even carry this portable USB diffuser anywhere with you to create an awesome spa like atmosphere in your home or office.

This ZAQ USB diffuser comes with an innovative attractive design which makes it an ideal home accessory.

Some of the best features of the device are:

  • It’s made up of quality material to serve you best for long
  • LED lights are included to enhance your mood whenever needed
  • It comes with a 20 ml water capacity with auto shut off function
  • The diffuser is safe for your kid’s room and can be installed near to their bed easily

Above all the highly efficient scent dispersion and humidity control feature of this ZAQ diffuser makes the environment most relaxing and comfortable.

The mild water vapor that is produced is good for skin and also helps in improving the humidity of the dry air around you. As its available in beautiful attractive design this also makes a perfect gift for anyone.

4- Actpe USB Diffuser Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

If you are in search for an ideal portable humidifier with oil diffuser then your next best choice is Actpe USB mini portable cool mist humidifier and aroma diffuser.

This Actpe USB Mini Portable Humidifier and Air Diffuser starts functioning, soon after it’s plugged in with the nearby USB port.

The device is manufactured and marketed without compromising on quality. The high quality material used is environment friendly and allows addition of moisture to your existing environment.

Few advantages of using this Actpe Portable Humidifier Diffuser are:

  • Convenient to use at any time and at any place
  • It’s portable and fits easily into your pocket or bag
  • It’s best suited for your office desktop, home, baby room or travel needs

The most important feature of this mini portable humidifier and air fragrance diffuser is it offers simple and easier cleaning process.

You just need to put in the effort of cleaning diffuser with the help of cotton swabs once in two weeks.

It is good to dip the cotton swab in vinegar solution before going ahead with cleaning, as it help easy removal of dirt and minerals stuck with diffuser.

5- Smart Wifi Oil Diffuser with Humidifier (Alexa & Google Home)

Although this SMART diffuser model does not come with a USB compatibility, its worth mentioning when you are searching for a great diffuser humidifier combo device.

Compatible with smart gadgets like Alexa and Google Home this Wifi enabled diffuser humidifier can be a great addition to your smart home.

This Smart diffuser model can be used as a normal diffuser or can be controlled by downloading the companion app on your smartphone.

Some of the unique most benefits that are offered by the device include:

  • Can be used with echo/tap/dot
  • Can be controlled simply by using your voice
  • Can be scheduled to operate at your preferable time of the day
  • Comes in natural ash wood grain attractive design that matches well with your interiors

Above all, this smartest diffuser model comes with a 1 year warranty and a money back guarantee (in case you do not like the device), making your purchase completely risk free.

*** USB Diffusers FAQs ***

We hope that by checking the above list of USB essential oil diffusers for your computer you now chosen the best one for you.

If you are excited to know more about how these devices work, how to use them best along with few essential buying guidelines, check more below…

How It Work?

The science of using essential oils for better health has evolved appreciably from the past years, which are in demand today without any compromise.

Well, the fresh botanical stuffed with energy, characteristic, and careful extraction technique are the steps which separate the aromatic oils from the ordinary natural and synthetic oils.

The best thing which I like most about these USB aroma diffuser gadgets is they are very light in weight and easy to handle.

These devices are equipped with atomizing technology (or ultrasonic technology) that changes the essential oils into micro-particles and disperses the strong plant components in the oil into the air.

All you need to do is to fill the container with essential oil and water and just plug in the diffuser to enjoy its varied benefits.

Some of these devices even work like an aroma diffuser, portable humidifier as well as air purifier (with limitations).

How To Use USB Diffuser?

Portable and mini USB aroma diffuser gadgets can be used as per your convenience anywhere and everywhere. The only thing that is needed to use them is a functional USB port.

These essential oil computer diffuser can fit into any normal USB port and can give you the soothing aroma as and when you switch it ON.

With a sleek USB diffuser and a few drops of your favourite aroma oil, you can effectively diffuse your favorite essential oils regardless of where you are.

Steps To Use A USB Diffuser

  • Push and slide open the cartridge flap at the bottom of the diffuser
  • Take your favorite essential oil and fill the oil bottle
  • Fasten the wick into the oil bottle
  • Put the bottle into the cartridge area
  • Close the flap and plug into a USB port
  • Set the diffusion intervals such as 10s, 30s or 60 seconds

Keep in mind that you remove the oil filled bottle from the diffuser when not in use. And put the wick cap on the top of the wick bottle for storage.

Pros and Cons of USB Diffuser

Room Diffuser Vs USB Diffuser: What is The Difference?

Unlike the bulky electrically operated essential oil diffusers, which are meant to spread the aroma in your complete room or home, these portable USB diffusers can be used personally for a small area to humidify and scent the atmosphere around you.

Some of them are so light that it can even easily fit into your pockets too. Also these come with interval settings of diffusion that can be optimized according to your needs.

The only disadvantage of using these USB aroma Diffusers is that the smell would only soothe the souls of those who are near to the laptop you get it attached to.

As its smell is limited to only people around it, this small size device cannot fill the complete room with aroma.

However it can obviously keep your mind fresh when you actually want it – even at the time you are working at your desktop.

How To Clean A USB Diffuser?

Most USB diffusers come with empty refillable glass cartridge or bottles that you can fill with your favorite essential oil and water.

Unlike standard diffusers, a USB diffuser creates a stream of essential oil mist for 30-60 seconds.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about the person sitting next to you complaining about the air on his face! You can conveniently use it at the office, car or home. It is very practical, silent and mobile.

However to enjoy its great therapeutically benefits, you need to care for its cleaning and maintenance from time to time.

This will ensure that your diffuser remains in a good working condition for long without any breakdown.

It is therefore essential that as soon as you find your usb diffuser not working you should insist on its cleaning and maintenance.

Instructions for maintenance

Most USB diffusers come with a cleaning dropper inside the product unit. If you don’t have it with your diffuser, use 2-3 drops of alcohol as cleaning agent.

  • Unplug the cartridge and remove the oil bottle
  • Pump 2-3 drops of diffuser cleaner or alcohol into the unit
  • Plug the unit again and run for 10 seconds or a minute.
  • Remove it and restore the oil bottle and use it as usual.

Who Needs This Portable Device Most?

USB diffusers or essential oil computer diffuser can be used by anyone and everyone who loves aroma and want to enjoy the fresh fragrance in the air around them.

According to me, 5 people who need to have these gadgets essentially are:

  1. Teenagers and students who spend long hours on their computers, either working on a project or gathering necessary information, can surely use this USB essential oil diffuser for better productivity.
  2. Business professionals or an entrepreneur who feels fatigued after working long hours on their office desk can simply switch this ON and use it to get the refreshment of air around them.
  3. Freelancers or a blogger like me who engage themselves in writing and creating reliable resources online can use them for getting a pleasing and sensational aromatic feel throughout their working time.
  4. People who spend long hours driving car can use these car diffuser with usb to get the best pleasing and fatigue free environment and driving experience.
  5. Moms who love browsing internet in their free time loves using these devices when they are reading about their favorite cooking recipe 🙂

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Diffuser

When it comes to buying diffuser, one need to pay special attention to the one they actually choose for their use.

As there are so many options and types available, you should carefully look at the features and benefits the device will be offering to you, before making a final decision.

Checking and analyzing your requirement carefully is one of the most crucial step for you.

As USB diffuser will benefit the user who is close to it, you should prefer buying it only if you are in need of a diffuser while working on computer or a laptop; or at least if you spend few hours near to the usb port.

In case you are looking for a diffuser for your family and not for private use, you should rather go with an electrically operated ultrasonic diffuser.

This will benefit whole family by spreading its aroma all across the large area of the room or home.

Please note that as electric essential oil diffusers comes at an extra price, you should NOT buy them in case you are in need of a private usb diffuser and not a room diffuser.

Checking the reviews and consumer testimonials is one of the best ways by which you can judge a particular device model, its area coverage and best features.

This will help you in choosing the device that is most reliable and hot selling in the market.

What Essential Oils To Use with Diffuser for Stress?

Now when you have chosen your favorite diffuser model, it is good to know about some of the best aromatic essential oils that are be used with the machine.

Here is a list of 10 essential oils that can be used with diffuser and are best for curing you from stress, depression, anxiety and even listless feeling:

1. Lavender Oil: Pure Lavender oil is my top favorite as it not only helps in relaxing and unwinding but can also help to sleep well.

This oil is the most common and highly used oil to treat nervous disorders. When you inhale this, it breaks down the fast brain wave (which causes anxiety) and replaces it with a slow brain wave.

When buying make sure that you purchase only good quality Lavender oil (one which is high in esters and low in cineol).

2. Bergamot: This oil helps in releasing all the negative feelings that could lead to depression, insomnia, etc if not released.

It has a fruity fragrance that calms the hypothalamus, directs your nerve energy away from addictive, unproductive behavior and helps you relax. It can be applied to the neck, back and feet.

3. Rose Geranium: This oil’s floral aroma gives a pleasant and enhanced relaxation feeling and helps balance your hormonal levels.

It stimulates the lymphatic system and relieves you from anxiety, depression and stress.

4. Clary Sage: This oil is best for nervous disorders like depression and anxiety.

Only using this oil cannot cure you completely but it can help a lot while you are under treatment for such nervous disorders.

5. Jasmine: This oil calms the nerves and gives a wonderful, relaxed feeling, quite similar to the drug valium.

It increases the GABA activity in your brain and regulates the emotions of depression, anxiety and excitement.

6. Sweet Marjoram: This oil gives you a relaxed feeling by regulating blood circulation and also helps treat insomnia.

It can be combined with other oils for better effect.

7. Wild Orange: This oil effectively helps in lifting your mood by improving blood circulation and detoxifying the gallbladder and liver.

Rub it on your neck, back or feet to relieve your from anxiety and panic.

8. Roman Chamomile: This oil smells sweet to fruity and is effective in treating diseases like insomnia, vomiting, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and restlessness.

9. Frankincense: It is considered highly valuable in treating anxiety, stress, fear, tension and nervousness.

10. Patchouli: It stabilizes, grounds and harmonizes your mind to treat depression, anxiety, exhaustion, nervous stress and other stress related conditions.

These oils which when used with best USB aroma diffusers effectively work on the right part of the brain and help diminish anxiety, stress, depression and other related issues.

At the end, choosing the best USB diffuser is very important if you want to attain peak performance and best benefits out of it.

Don’t just go with a big name, brand or product!

Since there are latest products coming out daily, it is important that you check the newer technology, your requirement and budget before picking the best one on the market…