Excelvan Diffuser Review: Enjoy Best Aroma with These USB Enabled Devices

The pollution of environment has been drastically increased in the present time. Therefore proper steps should be essentially taken for keeping your home environment healthy and purified these days.

When we are on the out look for enhancing the air quality in the environment, portable usb diffuser could be the solution which comes into mind. Using a quality aroma diffuser in your room will give you a chance to make your environment healthy and safe for breathing.

USB diffusers are not like other options you have available in the market these days. As such there are so many features that makes it different from others.

When talking of portable USB diffusers, Excelvan   diffuser is the one that cannot be left behind. Excelvan is one of the most reliable and trustworthy electronic brand which manufactures top quality diffusers for personal use.

Let us take a look at the Best Excelvan   Diffusers here. You will love using them in your room or in your car.

Excelvan Portable USB Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier Air Mist Aromatherapy Purifier LED Light

Excelvan Portable USB Aroma Diffuser

This Excelvan Portable Ultrasonic Diffueser Humidifier is an awesome product to arrange in any corner of the room or living space as it comes with small size to occupy less space.

Very effective and pretty in features this ultrasonic diffuser model works very quietly to give you comfortable sleep. As it has auto changing colors in the form of LED light, it enhances the beauty of the space and presents a romantic and lively environment.


  • Comes with USB cable and can be connected to most of the devices with USB slot.
  • Available with auto stop function when Anhydrous
  • It is reliable and holds a stable system that let you easily enjoy peaceful and interesting life
  • Consumes less power and is strong in humidification
  • Has external transformer and consumes low voltage to operate well without causing any harm to users.
  • Has automatic water protection for safety
  • Effective in killing bacteria, purifying air and is considered bets to home and office.
  • Presents 7 changing colors while working

Excelvan DT-002 50ML Car USB Colorful Aroma Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier Air Mist Aromatherapy Purifier

Excelvan Car USB Aroma Oil Diffuser

With amazing design and innovative technology, this colorful ultrasonic diffuser humidifier comes in a portable form which is easy to use anywhere you want. Those who feel to enjoy pleasant atmosphere at work will love to have this sort of humidifier and diffuser. Just you need to connect with the USB slot of laptop and enjoy its function around.


  • Available with whisper quiet ultrasonic operation
  • Easy in functions and amazing with auto color changing mode
  • Shuts off mechanically the level of water gets reduced
  • Operates with very less consumption of energy
  • Holds maximum 50 ml of water
  • Portable for spa, office, bedroom and yoga classes
  • Normal time of usage is 2 hours
  • Holds seven colors of LED light and each of the light is adjustable amid the dim and bright modes
  • Can be set steady on and even used as a LED night light apart from mist functions.

Excelvan Portable USB Mini and Color Changing Rainbow LED Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Purifier Aroma Diffuser

Excelvan Portable USB Mini Diffuser

This Portable color changing Ultrasonic Humidifier diffuser is the right choice to improve and purify air quality at home and in your office area.

It not only reduces the illness by boosting the immunity but also it protects from smoke pollution. It also efficiently dismisses the foul and unusual smell around.

Available with USB cable, it can be connected to the standard USB slot as power supply. You can just connect it in your car or near the desktop and feel a different world around. No need to feel tensed about consumption of more energy as it is free from consumption of high voltage and works on USB power supply.


  • Presents seven different colors of LED light to adjust as per the requirement of dim and bright modes
  • Can be used as night lamp with its mist function to create a romantic mood
  • If desired to put off light, just a press of the light key for nearly 3 seconds puts off the light
  • Portable for office, home, yoga and spa
  • Safe design with USB slot feature
  • Relives from mental disturbance and relieves from depression giving better sleep
  • Releases fine particles into the air to feel the aroma of the essential oils and experience good surrounding
  • Adjustable air outlet with various light changeable options with No mist

With so many exciting models of Excelvan   Diffusers you do not have any reason to miss a chance of not owning one for your personal use. Just order it now online and feel the relaxing atmosphere around you always.